Do you do pop ups or conventions?

I do! Many of my pop-ups are within the Ontario region, but I am always open to traveling. If you're interested in seeing me in your area, give me a heads up on conventions or events near you and I may just show up! My events and pop-ups are all promoted on my instagram.

Are you open to collaborate with my brand?

I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate with like-minded brands and artists! Feel free to contact me with your proposal!

Are you open to being interviewed on our blog/magazine/podcast?

Of course!! That's so exciting! I have done a handful of interviews in the past, and I'm always open to doing more. Contact me!

Would you like to participate in a gallery show?

1000x yes! I am first and formally a traditional artist, and painting and sculpture is something that gives me life! If you're interested in seeing examples of my artwork, you can head over to my gallery page, or ask for more examples of my work over email!

Can I stock your brand in my store front?

I do! Information can be found in my stockists section.

Can I get your artwork tattooed?

I'm always honored to have my artwork tattooed on peoples bodies! If you would like to support me through the use of my illustrations, picking something up from the shop would be the best way to do it! I would also appreciate if you sent me a photo- I have a folder of tattoos of my artwork and love seeing them.

Do you take commissions?

Due to my busy schedule, I very rarely take commissions and prefer collaborations. However, if you are interested and I have the time, you can contact me your request and I can see if I can schedule it in.