Hi there! I'm Sugarbones, the artist & designer behind the brand, based out of Ontario, Canada. Being an artist has been a huge part of my identify since I was a young, and my first experience as a working artist stems back to trading scanned in pencil crayon drawings for paintbrushes on Neopets at 13.

I started Sugarbones in 2015 with a sticker set that I would cut out by hand in my bedroom while binging sailor moon. I created my first enamel pins in 2016 & by 2017, Sugarbones became my full time job, and I began living my dream dedicated to creating! My mission is to bring my art to life by creating cute & colorful products based off of the inspiration I draw from pop culture, the juxtaposition between cute & tough, humor, and bad girls. 

 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow & continue to bring my creations to life through your love & support!