Anonymous asked: is your storenvy unavailable right now? because every time i try to go on, it says "webpage unavailable".

It must be the storenvy servers, just wait a bit and try again, or try tomorrow! My shop is available and orders are coming through, I guess the site is just buggy today. :(

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I had a small shipping error where storenvy may have calculated your fees twice! (I’m still learning!) However, I went through my orders and sent back all the extra money to those who were charged extra, so if you were placing an order and were scared by the shipping fees, fear no more!!! I ship worldwide, and no shipping will exceed 10 dollars. :)

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m3rbabe asked: I'm do excited your store is finally up!!! I was wondering if you'd be selling those "kawaii in the streets hentai in the sheets" shirts?

thank you!!!! xoxox the shirts i’m working on won’t be released for another little while, because i’m looking into getting a good wholesaler right now, but they’re coming! <3

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strawberry parfait air freshener/ornament ♥ get her here ♥

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woven to perfection, and ready to iron onto all your girl gang apparel ♥ get them here ♥

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Anonymous asked: Hi, every time I try to add something to my cart on your store envy, it says an unexpected error has occurred. I just wanted to know has anyone else had this happen or is it just me?

Of course this WOULD happen on the day of my store launch! I’ve been told the same thing by a few people, so I think it’s just storenvy acting up! Just give it a few minutes, and it should go back to normal. And thanks in advance for ordering!!! xoxo

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stickers, patches, buttons & more~ come join me wednesday, it’s gonna be cute xo

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lil icecreamicorn cutie ~ one of seven in my upcoming SWEET TOOTH sticker set ( ˘ ³˘)♥

lil icecreamicorn cutie ~ one of seven in my upcoming SWEET TOOTH sticker set ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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painting hair forever

painting hair forever

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♥ the artwork of cheyenne federiconi ♥
little candy coated skeleton with a fetish for cute


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