♥ decorating all my packages to be shipped out thursday morning! it’s going to look like i’m trying to mail a million love letters  ♥

Anonymous asked: I absolutely love the body type you use in the artwork. its so encouraging thank you. P.S. love your blog

wow thank you so much!! that’s so nice to hear. 

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"fight like a girl" is meant to imply weakness, but some girls don’t play nice.

♥ available for a limited time only ♥ 

saturday i’ll be releasing my 10 piece girl power sticker set for a limited time! the shop will be open for 2-3 weeks after the release ( • ̀ω•́  )✧

saturday i’ll be releasing my 10 piece girl power sticker set for a limited time! the shop will be open for 2-3 weeks after the release ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

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the wheat paste from my street art ♥  video  ♥

the wheat paste from my street art ♥ video


I’ve been getting a ton of these messages lately, and I’ve been trying to answer back as many as I can, but for anyone wondering, my stickers will be available for sale this saturday! Stay tooned and I’ll make a post when they’re up for sale!

Thanks for everyones love and support!!! It makes me unbelievable happy ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

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Anonymous asked: Is the sub collar sticker alluding to your personal preferences in a partner, or just a "hey fuck you" to sammich douches?

It’s a mixture of both, haha~ i wanted to send the message, but i’m definitely a fan of kink ♥

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♥ THESE ARE MY STREETS ♥ For my graduating thesis project, I did a bunch of designs revolving around social issues ladies encounter, such as street harassment, body policing, the right to cosmetics, and responses to phrases like “make me a sandwich”. I put these designs out publicly over the past week, and video taped my process! This was also my first time making a video (so it’s no masterpiece), but Enjoy!~

Anonymous asked: Can you link us to all the boards you've designed? They're my favorite thing other than the ice cream girls you've made!

Thank you so much! I’ve only painted two for a local skateboard show, the next one is coming up this summer ♥ 

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Anonymous asked: Can I just have your art tattooed all over my body??

hahah go ahead! i totally encourage people to tattoo my work if they want to, just remember to send me pictures ! ♥ ♥ 

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Anonymous asked: You ever wanna marry an art style? Well that's how I feel about yours. Like holy shit dude. Also, if you had an online shop I would legit buy everything from it (my need for the "he said make me a sandwich, so I made him a sub" sticker is ridiculous). But yeah man, I just freaking love your art and idk how I've lived this long without it.

ahahahaha anon you’re making me blush!!!!! thank you so much xoxoxo ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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Anonymous asked: Do you sell any of you pieces (like stickers or prints)??

I don’t have an online shop yet, but the sticker set I’m currently working on will be available soon! My ‘Sweet Tooth’ sticker set, the one with the icecream girls, will be available this weekend though through glittermilkgallery ! 

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♥ the artwork of cheyenne federiconi ♥
little candy coated skeleton with a fetish for cute


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