Penelope Figurine

Keeping Penelope, our shop manager, on your desk guarantees you'll have the motivation to get your work done - or else ♥ 

Decorate your favourite space with this high quality acrylic figurine, featuring a beautifully vibrant print on both the figure and base!

The transparent effect of the acrylic figure gives any space the fun feeling of a Sugarbones illustration popping out of the 2D realm and chillen in the real world! 

♥ 20 cm tall
♥ Comes with two pieces (the figure and the base) that attach with ease, and firmly stay in place. Both pieces are blank on the back.

♥ IMPORTANT NOTE: Both acrylic pieces come coated in a thin layer of plastic to keep them from scratching upon transit! Make sure you peel that off in order to receive the desired transparent effect! If not, it will appear cloudy!