Toy Box Collection
Toy Box Collection
Toy Box Collection
Toy Box Collection
Toy Box Collection
Toy Box Collection
Toy Box Collection
Toy Box Collection
Toy Box Collection

Toy Box Collection

Every night between 6 and 9 pm, the magical toys come alive to cause their own special kind of mischief!

The toy box collection features an adorable, original print that was inspired & referenced by kitsch & vintage animal illustration- with a Sugarbones twist!

The concept behind this mini collection was to create something that looked incredibly femme, bubbly and cute from afar, but provide a different experience when looked at up close. The contrast between taking something typically associated with dark dungeons and black latex and serving it in a femme candy coated aesthetic was extremely fun to do, and I hope you love this collection as much as I do!

The Toy Box collection includes a meticulously designed vegan leather backpack & wallet, complete with thoughtful details from the pink satin lining, to the heart cut out zipper pulls! Both designs took months to finalize to provide you with the most perfect replica from the mind of Sugarbones!

The Backpack

♡ 12 x 12 x 6 inches!
♡ Features 6 compartments for storage! There is a zipper pouch in the front, as well as the inside. The sides also feature two slip pockets, as well as two more on the inside for ultra organization!
♡ Adjustable straps
♡ All gold hardware & customized heart Sugarbones logo in the middle!


The Wallet

♡ 7.5 x 4 inches!
♡ Features a section that can hold up to 12 cards, as well as a pocket and custom designed clear vinyl heart windows! The second section is a zip up, satin lined organizer where you can store your cash & coins!
♡ All gold hardware & customized Sugarbones logo in the middle!

The Pin Set

♡ The 5 piece pin set promotion is currently ONLY available as an add on for the wallet & bag bundle! The pins will later be sold separately, but will not be given the special price you see here! There are no substitutions, and the pin promotion cannot be added when purchasing a single bag or wallet. 
♡ All pins are gold hard enamel, with two backing posts & Sugarbones logos on the back! They are larger statement pieces to capture all of the detail, and the largest pin is 2 inches tall.

Sticker Sheet

Every preorder places will be accompanied by a sticker sheet, featuring all of the characters & an extra logo sticker!


If you have never done a pre-order, the purpose of them is to ensure that your bag or wallet is made specifically for you, and you are guaranteed one instead of stressing over a product selling out!

The estimated time for these bags & wallets to be completed, sent to me, and then shipped out to you is 5 weeks.

Please keep in mind that this is an estimate! It may be more, or less, depending on any factors that may quicken or delay the process. I will be keeping everyone updated on the journey through the Sugarbones Instagram. I will work my absolute hardest to keep everything running smoothly!

To make this easier during the shipment period, please do not purchase this listing with any other items! Your order will ship quicker if there are no special requirements I have to add to your order. Thank you so much!