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I'd like to begin by thanking absolutely everyone who entered the contest! The amount of entries submitted went way above my expectations, and I'm so happy and grateful to have so many talented & creative people spend some time creating something for me!
With this being said, it has been incredibly hard to crown winners in this contest, and I hope that no one is upset or discouraged that they weren't chosen! Every entry holds a special place in my heart and I am incredibly happy to have discovered so many beautiful pieces of Penelope. I wish I could give every one of you prizes, but I promised there would be winners so this I must do!
The entries chosen were done so based on creativity, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, utilization of Penelope's backstory and personality, and overall execution. 
Now onto the winning entries!


The grand prize of both lifetime club subscriptions goes to @hannahhobananao on instagram for this incredible acrylic painting! As soon as I saw it I was in awe of how much detail, time and effort Hannah put into it!

I really loved how she went above and beyond creating an entire environment, incorporating my backstory for Penelope along with her own vision of what the Sugarbones workshop would look like, and Penelope's role in it. There is so much detail and callbacks from my old pieces, from the tiny miniature versions of my paintings on the walls to the incorporation of other original characters I've drawn in the past. The longer I look at it the more stuff I find, from my pop up vending machine outlined in silver, to the little package station in the back, all with Penelope making sure it runs smoothly.

Hannah also added this to her piece, which I thought was super cute!

“Welcome to Sugarbones Workshop! Where everything is either cute, fierce or both. Here you will find our sweet manager Penelope ruling with an iron hoof. Making sure everything is always running smoothly until she decides to mix things up a little. You will often find her on her gold and pink thrown that has a perfect view of the entire workshop and if you think you can get away with doing something behind her back, think again. Not only is her thrown cute and at the centre of everything but it spins, so she always knows what’s going on!” 

 I'm super impressed and very happy to award her the grand prize!


The second place prize of their choice of lifetime club membership goes to @its.spelled.blakey on instagram, for her seriously cool paper cut out illustration of Penelope! 

There is so much attention to detail in this piece, from the tiny fingernails to the little eyelashes, and I'm blown away by how incredibly cool it is. There is so much personality in her piece, and all of the different types and textures of material she has used really bring it to life!

I also love how she incorporated Penelope's origin story of appearing in a fog of pink mist as well, and the triumphant cackle is just too good!

You can find more of her work at www.stephblakey.com !



Third place prize of their choice of lifetime club membership goes to @opal_lines on instagram for this absolutely gorgeous animation of Penelope in her dressing room, most likely getting ready for a hard days work of shouting orders and keeping cute!

I fell in love with the amount of detail that she put into the piece - making tribute back to some the Sugarbones products, while also portraying Penelope in a perfect mixture of music, animation and aesthetic! 

You can find more of her work on her instagram account, www.instagram.com/opal_lines !



Due to the number of entries and how broadly they stretched across the board, I've decided to break the runner-ups into sub categories! This made it a lot easier for me to narrow it down, while also allowing me to give out more prizes! 


The first runner up goes to @heartiko!
I found her rendition of Penelope to be incredibly charming, and the "don't open, sub inside" box is too funny not to praise! 
You can find more of her artwork at www.heartiko.tumblr.com
The next runner up prize goes to @victoriawatkinsart !
Their piece entitled "Business Trip" is too cute for words!
There is so much to love here!  From the radioactive warning relating back to her origin story, to the toys in the suitcase, to the wink - everything falls into place perfectly and brings so much fun to Penelope's character!
You can find more of her artwork at www.starstarparty.com
The next runner up prize goes to @lambi_art !
I fell in love with the style that Johanna used in her submission, and how she pushed the boundaries of her design to make her more anthropomorphic! Having her sitting on top of a bunch of pink packages was also a definite plus!
You can find more of her work at www.instagram.com/lambi_art
The last runner up goes to @undeadart !
There is a slave... in a rilakkuma mask.
I don't think any more words are needed to describe how amazing this submission is (pun intended)
You can find more of their work at www.zombieminds.artstation.com !


The first runner up in cosplay goes to @missmarisacosplay !
I had been following Marisa's mentions during the contest, and really noticed how hard she worked to put this look together! She not only nailed it on so many of her accessories, but she also really captured Penelope's personality!
You can find more of her work at https://instagram.com/MissMarisaCosplay 

The next runner up goes to @chrisiquinn !

Chrisi went for a more casual, try to blend in with these earth humans look and galloped around her town taking adorable photos! What really made me fall in love with this set was how much fun she seemed to be having! It comes off as super charming and endearing, and I'm TY Deadpool for the cameo!

You can find more of her work at https://www.facebook.com/BinghamtonHarleyQuinn

Our final runner up is @_lillazer_ !

I'm really impressed by their ability to fabricate the props so perfectly! They not only managed to make a perfectly pink whip, but the collar, horns and ears came out great as well!

You can see more of their work at https://www.instagram.com/_lillazer_/  


Runner up for the Mixed Media prize goes to @sunsetstarlit !

I absolutely loved how she was able to bring all of the elements of Penelope out and simplify them into this little sculpted pin! I love the simplicity of it and the addition of the gems and the bows, so cute!

You can find more of her work at www.instagram.com/sunsetstarlit !

The next runner up goes to @eightbitmonster

I really loved the unique style of this little plush doll, as well as all of the different material and detail that went into bringing Penelope to life! 

You can find more of her work at https://www.instagram.com/eightbitmonster/

The next runner up goes to @kirixin !

Not only did they provide a super cute illustration, but they also produced a catchy little song that accompanied it! So cool!

You can find more of their work at kirixin.com !

The final runner up goes to @noniinnoh

I loved reading this little comic! She did a great job incorporating another one of my original characters in it, and really seemed to capture an interaction between Penelope and her staff! The way she almost loses her cool but keeps it cute and collected is too perfect!

You can find more of her work at www.instagram.com/noniinnoh 


The winners of the randomized draw, yet no less magical than those who placed, are the following!






Thank you so much again to absolutely everyone who entered the contest! As I said above, I am so overwhelmed and star struck by how many beautiful pieces were submitted, and it was REALLY hard to narrow it down. 

I would also highly recommend that everyone checks out the contest tag


to discover all of the amazing and talented artists who participated! I hope you can support them as you do me!

Stay tuned for more contests in the future with the release of new shop characters!

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  • Omg wow! So many fantastic pieces!! And so happy my sailor scout Penelope was mentioned in the end. Thank you for this fun contest!

    Cjartcanada on

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